Domain dbase

Tired of browsing the internet for the domain lists that meet your needs?

We are committed to matching your preferences and have built a giant of a domain database to serve that purpose. It contains 625+ million existing and expired domain names in both global and country code extensions. Its coverage is almost unrivalled: 100% of gTLDs (.com, .net, .biz, .org including new extensions like .bio, .click, .credit, etc.) and 90% of ccTLDs (.ca, .au, .de, .it). Note that full coverage is not viable since country registries don't share their zone files.

Still, our impressive domain database is far ahead most of our competitors' so whatever domain lists you need, we can provide them! We can customize your requests according to any set domain criteria:

This is not a comprehensive list. To find out what domain databases we can offer, you get in touch now and share what you are looking for!

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